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Pouch PackPushp Brand Ground Spicespouch pack
 chilli powder 
    Chilli is nature's wonder. Chilli is an essential  ingredient of Indian curry. Curry is  characterised by tempting colour  and titilating pungency.  Both are contributed by chilli. 
"Pushp Brand" Chilli Powder is produced from the selected varieties of chilies procured from M.P., Karnataka and A.P. to make a fine combination of taste, colour and pungency.
 turmeric powder
Indian turmeric is the ideal choice as a food flavour, an effective ingredient in medicines    
and cosmetics, and as a natural colourant.   
With its rich curcumin content,    
which imparts the distinctive yellow colour,   
and other inherent qualities, Indian turmeric    
is considered the best in the world.  
Pushp Brand Temeric Powder is produced from the best quality of turmeric available in India.   
 coriander powder
A fragrant spice, coriander is today valued as much for its medicinal properties as for its use as a condiment. It finds extensive application in several kinds of foods and  beverages.
 Our state M.P. is wellknown as the producer of the best quality of the coriander throughout the world and Pushp Brand Coriander Powder retains the natural taste and fragrance of it. 
Black Pepper Powder
Mango Powder
Produced from the best variety of crops in India.
  Available in following sizes:
Pouch packs: 50/100/200/500 gms. and 1 kg.
Gunny bags: 5/20/50 kg.